Anyway, here are the stages of Amy, I very much lightened the background and actually repainted her face several times as it wasn’t right.  She turned out to be one of the most challenging pieces I’ve done to date!

I’ve been working on a few pieces at the moment.  I’ve recently finished a Great Losses commission, but can’t post it yet as the client is still to give it to the person it was bought for.  I’m looking forward to posting it soon as I feel it’s one of my best to date.

Apart from that I’ve been working on another commission (below) and been messing about with a new series - trees.  I’m not sure where I’m going with it yet, but it began with a response to events happening around me.

I’ve added more blue back to this as feel I went too orange, but now think I prefer it as it was on the third picture in!  I will return to it later with fresh eyes and decide what I’m doing with it.  

I have also started another version of the same image, but in yellows and purples.  

This is the picture that started my ‘tree’ series.  The picture I’m working from has lots of leaves, but I think I prefer it naked!  

This is the commission I started ages ago, but have then been distracted with the Bromley Arts exhibition at the Glades, and now The Catford Arts Trail.  I will return to it soon.  Thankfully the clients are in no rush for it.

© of Emily Brand Art 2014

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