I was born in Lewisham in 1981 and grew up in Catford.  I went to Goldsmith university, where I studied education, specialising in art.

I qualified as a primary school teacher in 2003 and then worked at Horniman Primary school for the next 13 years.  Although I loved teaching, I was finding it impossible to do anything else and had only painted 8 paintings in the period that I worked there.  Eventually in 2016, I decided to leave my job and began painting properly. 

I had attended a few evening classes in Lewisham borough and did a life drawing course with City Lit, whilst I was still teaching, but apart from these hadn’t done any further studying and still haven’t! I’d really like to spend more time learning to paint and getting advice from professionals, but as I have a small child and work three days a week as an art teacher, I can’t see this happening for a few years. It will, but when will depend on life and what it throws at me.

I managed to get my first solo exhibition the year I left teaching at the Ripley Arts Centre in Bromley and have since been part of several group exhibitions.

I work in my home studio where I generally have about four paintings on the go!  I work primarily in oil and acrylic paints and have always loved the way you can use the paint to create various effects.  From using paint opaquely to transparent layering, allowing the colours below to shine through.  Although over the years I have changed subject matter, I have always maintained an interest in the use of colour and light and find it amazing how one person can view a colour so differently from another, and the fact that we have limited colour vision – what are we missing? 

In my works I manipulate colour for this reason, exaggerating it and altering what I see.  Part of what I love about painting and altering colour is the ease at which an image can be changed from one moment to the next, how a change in colour or light can give a completely different feel to the end piece. 

My inspiration comes from the environment, what I’m doing and how I feel.  I often work from photographs that I have taken. 


I currently have work in the Artisan Village in Sydenham, where I also used to work as the Early Years Programme art lead, supporting artists to work with the nursery children. There are several artists that work there and have work for sale in their display window. Find out more https://www.artisan-village.co.uk/

I also have work in two independent shops, The Hill Trader, which is in Telegraph Hill within the Hill Station cafe https://thehilltrader.co.uk/ and in Deptford Does Art, a great shop as well as a gallery and bar. Find out more here: http://www.deptforddoesart.com/

I take part in The Catford Arts trail annually and in the last few years have been placed at Ninth Life (a pub in Catford) and I help to run the annual art exhibition at Beckenham Place Mansion, which is part of the park’s annual flower show.

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