During Lockdown I began making some dry monoprints of stations. This began with stations on the train line that I live next to and then I moved onto stations I could walk to and am now expanding this to further stations in Lewisham borough and beyond, as well as doing some landmarks. I decided I needed to find something that I could easily pick up and put down as often find my daughter wants me, right in the middle of some painting and then I end up wasting a load of paint, which I hate! However, with a dry-monoprint, it’s very easy to pause for a while and return to it, with no waste.

The monoprints are available as the original print (A4 print in an 11 x 14 ” frame) for £60 or I am also producing mounted limited edition digital prints of each design. These, alike my others are £20 each and come as an A4 print in a 12″ x 16″ mount. A framed digital print is £35. Please contact me on the ‘contact’ page if you’re interested in any of my current prints, stating the name of the station/landmark that you would like. I will email you back to confirm the print and arrange collection/delivery.

If you would like me to do one of your local station and it isn’t there, please let me know and I can add it to my list. If you want an original I will prioritise your station, if you just want a print it will depend on my waiting list.

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